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Reviews and Comments


I want to start off by saying thank you. I appreciate you, all of you. Everything you are doing. I don't know if you hear that enough, but I will say it again, thank you Bethany. You're an amazing, gifted woman.

... I felt a calming force. I went to bed upset about something last night and carried it till just now. Its lifted. And I understand what’s going on what I need to do now. I was restless, now I am not. Thank you for that Bethany.


I had an Amazing quantum healing session with Bethany today. There were several areas in my body where I had pain that she addressed. I could actually feel the blocked energy being released in certain areas. I felt a general light buzz throughout my body while she was working on me. I didn't really realize it at the time, but I felt the disconnect in my feet as soon as she stopped sending the energy. Our session was several hours ago and I feel so much lighter now. I feel joy inside my heart!!! It's just a high happy feeling.  Quantum healing is definitely life changing for the better.  Bethany took the time to find out which areas I thought I needed help with. She is a beautiful healer. My life has been blessed by connecting with her. I will Absolutely have more healing sessions with her!!! Thank you Bethany!!! Much love, Kristi

Sandy and Scott

I was super blessed to have Bethany Bright do a healing session with me today.  During the session I felt a very slight energy or tingling in my hands.  My arms, shoulders and hands felt lighter, and I became extremely relaxed!!   It was an awesome experience. Scott felt somewhat better belly wise. Thank you Bethany!!


Miss Bethany ...  It was good and peaceful...  Thank you so much 💕


This was my first quantum energy healing experience. And I’m so happy a beautiful friend recommended Bethany to me. She is such a powerful yet gentle soul. The healing was very relaxing, I could feel the energy flowing through me. Afterwards, I received a burst of creativity, various different ideas started pouring in! I am so grateful for Bethany and this amazing blissful experience. Recommend to anyone and everyone 🙏


I Started in my Bedroom on the bed. I immediately saw Pink bands Like a Rhodochrosite crystal

Yellow Sunflower came to mind. Left side tingling (foot, sacral pelvis on left. Went outside to lay in the grass

Red/Orange came into my vision (lingered on orange)

Yellow lingered next

Met up with my inner child

It had been a while since we had some time together

I asked her Why don't you come to lay with me more?

"you don't invite me, you're always too busy. she responded

My son probably thinks that too, I shared

"Can I share you with him?" I asked

Can you play with me and my son?

She answered "Yes, I am always with you"

Laid on my right side and found a new perspective in bird watching more bird gazing.

Closed eyes saw light green

Thankful for the wind and the sun

Felt left side heartline tingling

Felt safe and cared for

Felt nourished and complete.

Walked in and noticed you had finished at the time I walked in.

Felt beautiful and more in touch with who I am.



Hello Bethany!!!

I appreciate your time and Joy in Assisting me. I have to say I was doing a lot of Burping. I don’t do much Burpee I kind of felt good. Thank you!!!

I also felt a lot of peace and comfort knowing or feeling that you were sensing the energy within me. It sure was like a meditation I have to thank you again for even the way that we did it. You ask me to sit down and get comfortable and I did! And that alone in the middle of the day was permission to allow my body vehicle to feel itself. So thank you for that Secret time and healing.


Lisa 🙌💝🙏. Shalom




This is my feedback from Thursday’s session.  The ends of my fingers tingled some.  The ends of my toes also tingled a bit.  I had a very, restful, peaceful feeling.

Here is something I want to add to my feedback from Thursday.  Two of my angels were with me.  One was in a yellow light background and the other one was in a white light background.  I always see these lights with these angels.  One is my brother, and the other was my son-in-law to be. Thank you again. My energy level has already improved


I worked on my breathing. I was in the moment. I notice a tingling in my feet and legs. I was too exhausted to respond at the end of the session. I felt very rested. Thank you!

From Laura

Bethany Bright I am still reeling from our session! Thank you again, and if anyone reading this wants an amazing Reiki and quantum session from a talented practitioner Bethany is your girl! I am so blown away... Everything you said confirms.  You are very gifted. Thank you.. I'm a little speechless right now. I am very much aligned with what you have said... Thank you- thank you-thank you. The session brought deep confirmation in a critical junction in my life, my soul growth, and my path.

Love you girl. Thank you


Hey! After my quantum healing session with Bethany, I have been feeling better. I believe all of the energy healing has helped a lot... I can now move somewhat freely around the house so that is quite enjoyable...


During my session with Bethany, I felt warm and cold sensations in various parts of my body. I was tired after the quantum session, but I feel really good today. I woke up in a carefree mood.

Retreat group session comments:

"Wow! That was so powerful!"

"My husband said, 'Bethany healed me'."

"I've had Reiki, but I felt so much more during the session with you than what I feel with Reiki."

"That was amazing! I have never experienced anything like that before."

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