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Thank you so much for visiting my website! My name is Bethany Bright, of Bright Motivate. I am here to assist you on your healing journey if you are ready. 

I embarked on my healing journey a few years ago after the divorce and the passing of my mom. Healing is definitely a journey versus a destination! But I am so much farther along in my journey than I was just a year ago. Because of this, it is my desire to assist others on their journey through energy healing sessions, (I use Reiki, Quantum and Intuitive modalities of energy healing), education, and showing love. 

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What is Quantum Healing???

Quantum Healing is energy healing which uses the concept that consciousness is fluid and outcomes are changeable. Nothing is set in stone, so the possibilities are endless. It is immeasurable intelligence that comes from all beings.  It simply requires your belief that anything is possible, and anything can be changed for a better and higher result or purpose. Quantum healing requires a desire for a positive result from the client and the practitioner. Why? Because desires and emotions are energy, and we are energetic and spiritual beings.  

What happens during a session? During a session, I utilize sage and palo santo to cleanse and clear the air and our auras. Then I use singing bowls to clear your chakras, or energy centers. This is vital for a successful session. From there I use Reiki, Quantum, and Intuitive healing with the assistance of crystals and essential oils.

During the session, you may experience physical sensations such as hot or cold or feeling tingly. You may release gas. You may also have emotional releases. Often our physical ailments are connected to emotional, mental, or spiritual issues. You may also see benefits after the session such as financial breakthrough, clarity in thinking, attracting good energy, feeling more energized and focused, etc.

It is ok if you fall asleep during the session. The healing will still begin to take place. You may have dreams or visions. Some clients have had ancestors and relatives help during the session. Results and experiences differ for everyone. The energy healing continues after the session is done. I recommend not getting any other energy work done for 7-10 days and drinking plenty of cold water.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.